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Adelina and Anders Brask
Timeless jewelry
A.Brask are two people who share their love and respect for each other and for nature. Together creates we design with nature as inspiration and produced through good craftsmanship.

We are two creative souls – Anders with a background in science and Adelina with a background in architecture. It is this mixture of creativity, curiosity about nature and professionalism that characterizes A.Brask. Our desire is to offer you the most beautiful and timeless jewelry at an attractive price.

Floral jewelry in the highest quality

We are proud to have earned our place in the exclusive “Fine Jewelery” category. A.Handy jewelry is regularly checked and tested by the Precious Metals Control.

Each A.Brask jewelery is stamped with the hallmark (925) and our name stamp (EPG). This is the customer’s proof that A.Brask jewelry meets the highest standards.

It is very important to us that you will be happy with your A.Bras jewelry and that you will always feel beautiful and unique with them on.


Gold plating is not a new process. The gold is placed on the silver with a process called electroplating. It is a wet chemical process that takes place in some liquid vessels and involves electrical current.

If you electroplate gold directly on silver, the durability will be limited. This is because silver atoms can migrate (diffuse) through the gold layer and thereby oxidize when they come in contact with oxygen from the air. To prevent this, nickel was used. However, it turned out to be able to cause skin allergies.

With ALPHA GOLD® we have solved this problem by using another diffusion barrier as well as a much thicker layer of gold.

We are excellent!

Personal and fast service with questions, good advice and guidance and fast delivery. Will definitely buy jewelry from here again. ”


"I love gold-plated jewelry. But I have never had gold-plated jewelry that lasts as long as those from A.Brask"

"Super beautiful jewelry that matches the impression the description and photo give on the website. My warmest recommendations."

Anne-Marie Andersen

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