How to choose jewelry based on your face shape

There are many things to consider when buying a piece of jewelry: From your style to your skin tone and hairstyle. But today I want to share another important thing that you need to be aware of: Your face shape. We are all unique and our face is just a slice of the beautiful diversity we can find out there. Knowing how different styles can complement our own face shape helps us choose jewelry that enhances and balances our features, and makes us feel beautiful and confident. Let’s take a look at a detailed step-by-step guide that can guide you in choosing which jewelry is perfect for you!
Basically, there are six different face shapes. Go ahead and try to identify yours in the picture by finding out where the widest part of your face is located (the red arrow). There are also three types of jaw lines that are also important to know something about when choosing your jewelry (the blue arrow): A square jaw line is usually seen in square or rectangular faces. A rounded jaw line seen in round and oval face shapes. A more straight jaw line seen in triangular and diamond-shaped faces.   Can you find your face shape? If you are not sure, try to choose the one that is closest to yours.

1. Identify your face shape

2. Choose jewelry that suits your face shape

The most important rule to keep in mind when choosing jewelry for your face shape is to place the jewelry away from the widest part of your face (the red line). to achieve a balanced look. You also need to decide what look you want to go for. For example, you can choose studs or up-to-the-ear earrings placed closer to your eyes to achieve a romantic look, or choose long drop earrings that emphasize your neck and lips for a sexy look.

Triangular and Diamond face

Since the widest part of a triangular or diamond face is the forehead, then you need to complement your face shape by filling it in. green area, as shown in the picture with details. Your jaw line is straight and the chin is pointed, so you need to add some round shapes to beautify your look. Do’s:
  • Wear earrings as close to your eyes as possible for a romantic look.
  • Wear long drop or chain earrings that make your neck sexy.
  • Go for round, organic shapes that soften your jaw line.
  • If you have a diamond-shaped face, short necklaces can make the jaw line look more balanced.
  • Earrings that are longer than your chin!

Round and oval face

The widest part in a round and oval shape is the line across the cheek ( red line) which means that there is not so much free space to add details at the ears. If you open your neckline with a short hairstyles or put your hair up in a ponytail, you ensure that the little bit of space you have is not used by your loose hair. Fill it out green area, as shown in the picture with details. Do’s:
  • Wear small studs or ear cuffs.
  • Wear the longest earrings you can ever grab, it will really give a very sexy look by emphasizing your neck. (Put them in it green territory).
  • If your face is round, look for long, V-shaped necklaces for a balanced look.
  • If your face is oval, shorter necklaces will be a perfect choice.
  • Short or medium sized earrings with long loose hair!
  • Chokers if your face is round.

Square or rectangular face

In a square or rectangular face, the widest part of the face is located at the base or around the cheek line ( red arrow). So unlike what we did with the other two face types, here we want to draw the weight more towards your eyes and closer to your ears ( green area), and far away from the widest area. Do’s:
  • Go crazy with all kinds of studs, ear cuffs, pierces or small dangling earrings – max. 2-3 cm, to balance your face shape.
  • Wear simple minimalist chain earrings that do not take up too much space around your jaw line.
  • Look at jewelry with curves and liquid shapes to create a softer look
  • For square face shapes, choose medium length necklaces, it helps with making the face look longer.
  • For rectangular face shapes, choose collar and choker necklaces to make the face appear wider.
  • Long statement earrings!
  • Square shapes that enhance your features.