How to take care of your silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is a quality product and they last a very long time. However, silver jewelry should be treated properly, if neglected, they can quickly become stained or discolored. Wear and tear or poor maintenance is not covered by our 2 year warranty. It is therefore important that you follow our recommendation for jewelery care and storage.
Storage is the most important factor in jewelry care. It is ideal to store your silver jewelry in a dry container away from moisture or other chemicals. If this can be avoided, do not store them in a damp room, such as in the bathroom.
It is important that you remember to wipe off your silver jewelry if they have been in contact with water or moisture.
Many daily activities can cause the silver jewelry to become discolored. It is best to take the jewelry off before bathing, cooking, exercising, beaching or cleaning.
Polishing silver jewelry with a soft cloth is the best way to prevent discoloration. To clean delicate areas with fine details, a cotton swab can also be useful. Do not use jewelry cleaners, impregnated sticks or other chemicals as these will damage the exterior coating.
If your jewelry is already discolored, you can actually save them! Read how to save your silver jewelry here. If in doubt, Write to us!