Jewelry for the bride

Ideas for your wedding day

Your wedding day, the special day you have been eagerly awaiting, is coming true. It’s an event it happens once in a lifetime and you deserve the day to be exactly as you dream of. Choosing your bridal jewelry is not an easy task, therefore you will find a list of things that you need keep in mind. I hope the list can help you decide what best harmonizes with yours special tastes and desires. Because just like the wonderful day, you are also unique and one.

Choose wedding jewelry that compliments your dress

Choose your wedding dress before buying accessories and jewelry. The style, fabric, neckline and color of your dress all influence your choice of the jewelry that should highlight the dress just like the icing on a cake. Silver looks adorable for white dresses, while gold goes best with champagne and ivory colored dresses.
The neckline is also something you need to consider when thinking about what kind of jewelry you want to wear: If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline, then a choker or a shorter necklace is perfect, or maybe a pair of breathtaking drop earrings instead. If your dress has V-neck, then choose a fine one pendant with a pair of matching earrings. And do not be afraid to wear an elegant ring to complete looket!

Also think about the wedding theme

If you are getting married in the open air, for example in a local botanical garden, then you may want jewelry in nature and flower shape. It will definitely enhance the mood of your wedding!

Jewelry should fit your hairstyle

Notice that some earrings fit nicely with a bun or a set hairstyle, while others are ideal for loose hair. Therefore, you should try your bridal jewelry along with the chosen dress and hairstyle.
Chain earrings or hanging earrings fit a tuber very well as they attract the attention of your cheekbones. On the other hand, large earrings with gemstones or hoop earrings fit perfectly with loose hair. This can also vary depending on the shape of your face, so just be sure to try on your bridal jewelry along with your chosen dress and hairstyle.

Jewelry should fit your hairstyle

Do not forget YOUR SKIN COLOR If you have a reasonably dark or olive complexion, metal in a lighter tone like silver will fit best. But if you have a lighter skin type, then jewelry in warmer tones like gold is an excellent choice.

Choose jewelry you can recycle

Look for jewelry that fits well with different outfits and that can be used on other occasions than yours wedding. Then you can enjoy them for longer, and be reminded of the wonderful day, every time you look at them.


When it comes to choosing the perfect jewelry for your wedding dress, the most important thing is that they reflect you and your own style. Are you a modern bride? Then you need to wear modern geometric accessories.
Are you more of a romantic soul? Then take a look at our jewelry-inspired-by-nature. You need to feel comfortable and sure. After all, it’s your very special day.