Large Plumeria earrings


Large Plumeria earrings  107

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  • Material: 925 Sterling silver
  • Surface: matt 18 kt gold or rhodium
  • Size: ø2.5cm
  • Nickel free
  • Sold as a pair
  • Skin-friendly
  • They come in a beautiful gift box

Large Plumeria earrings, with their rich silhouette and topical origins, will definitely add a touch of exotic to your outfits. A matt 18 kt gold or rhodium coating gives them a subtle shine. They will break the greyness from all your office outfits and complete your evening combos.

Large Plumeria earrings

The Plumeria flower is a beautiful blossom native to tropical areas such as Hawaii. These flowers are often used in leis or garlands to symbolize hospitality and understanding between strangers.

In some cultures, these blooms signify new life because they bloom during springtime holidays such as Easter. They are also symbols of immortality due to their seemingly ever-lasting beauty. 

Additionally, due to its vibrant colors–usually pink, white, or yellow–the Plumeria is often associated with joyfulness and good luck. Because of that, it’s great for celebrations and ceremonies for good luck and peace.

Ultimately, the Plumeria flower has come to mean many different things to its admirers worldwide–it symbolizes hospitality, understanding, new life, joyfulness, and more. No matter how one chooses to interpret its beauty and meaning, it is clear that this stunning bloom is here to stay.

Some people like flowers give pleasure just by being.

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