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  • Material: 925 Sterling silver
  • Surface: 925 Sterling silver, or 18k gold plating
  • Size: 53 cm
  • Nickel free
  • Skin-friendly
  • It comes in a beautiful gift box

Starfish and Pearls Necklace is crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and available in a silver finish or 18k gold plating, all perfectly complemented by the stunning freshwater pearls in AA+ and AAA quality.

The Starfish and Pearls Necklace comes in two sizes, (M) 45cm and (L) 55cm, catering to various personal styles and preferences. 

With pearl-white and gold tones blending perfectly, we designed this necklace to make a statement and add a luxury look to all combinations.

Inspiration for the Starfish and Pearls necklace

Starfish is a sublime emblem of regeneration and intuition. Magical sea stars embody the power of rejuvenation, timelessly renewing themselves and adapting to the ever-changing seascape. The starfish’s renewal inspires us to craft designs that showcase this strength and embrace a world of creativity.

On the other hand, pearls symbolize wisdom and pureness, gifts fitting for only the most enlightened beings. These luminous gems are born from the miraculous ability of oysters to transform a grain of sand into a priceless treasure. This transformation reminds us of the beauty in growth, perseverance, and acquiring deep, often hard-earned knowledge.

When we linked these symbols together, we got inspired to design a harmonious balance between natural regeneration’s fluidity and wisdom’s clarity. Our luxurious starfish and pearl necklace represent a dynamic synergy that resonates with the ever-evolving energy of the world around us.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

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