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Sunflower adjustable ring



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  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Surface: 18k Gold, silk matte
  • Gemstone: black spinel
  • Size: ø 2cm, adjustable, minimum size 48 (USA 5)
  • Nickel free
  • Skin-friendly
  • It comes in a beautiful gift box

The  Sunflower adjustable ring is a beautifully crafted accessory made from high-quality 925 Sterling Silver. It features an 18k Gold surface with a silk matte finish. The exquisite black spinel gemstone in the ring’s heart adds contrast and allure to the overall design.

Featuring a ring size of ø 2cm, it is adjustable, allowing it to fit most finger sizes. With a minimum size of 48 (USA 5), this versatile piece can quickly adapt to your preferred fit, making comfort and style go hand in hand.

The Sunflower Adjustable Ring is perfect for casual outings and summer ensembles, adding vibrancy to any outfit.

Inspiration for the Sunflower adjustable ring

Sunflowers have long held a place in art, culture, and people’s hearts everywhere, symbolizing warmth, positivity, strength, and vitality. Throughout history, these vibrant blooms have captured our fascination, representing the sun and its life-giving rays, fostering a deep connection to nature and the earth’s cycles. They are not only a visual delight but also a powerful reminder of the energy and resilience that lie within each of us. 

Embracing the symbolism of the sunflower, we took inspiration from these stunning botanical wonders to design this lovely Sunflower adjustable ring. The intricate design details and careful craftsmanship pay homage to the sunflower’s symbolism while providing a wearable piece of art for everyday occasions.

A sunflower ring can become your emblem, a radiant and inspiring representation of your inner strength and love for nature. Sunflowers can connect you to the earth and its wonders, cultivating warmth, positivity, and a sense of belonging. As a timeless symbol of beauty and inspiration, this flower continues to be a guiding light for those who wear it, blossoming into a newfound appreciation for the harmony between nature and fashion. 

A sunflower teaches us so much about love.

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