The journey that creates our handmade jewelry

Do not you also love unique luxury jewelry of high quality that you can appreciate for life?

If you are reading this, it is because you are looking for more than just a piece of jewelry. You are probably passionate about expressing yourself through romantic design and fascinating artistic design language, expressed in unique jewelry.

Today I want to tell you a little about how we design, where we find inspiration, and how the handmade process takes place, which together gives you the opportunity to own exclusive, exquisite jewelry.

So let’s take a quick trip through our jewelry’s magical journey …

It all starts with a pencil, a piece of paper, and a large portion of designer imagination.

We are constantly looking for inspiration for new ideas in the natural world of flora around us, and try to capture and recreate what already exists out there: The sophisticated shapes, the beautiful colors and the organic movements that nature happily offers, so you can wear a exclusive, genuine piece of nature, wherever you go, while expressing your most romantic side.

It is an exciting, challenging phase where we use our hearts, souls and unique vision to create the designs you dream of. Images begin to form in our imagination, combining our inspiration with deep knowledge and understanding of form, structure and movement. That way, our abstract ideas can be transferred to jewelry that you will love and cherish forever.


But nothing is finished before the sketch comes to life, and appears as a three-dimensional object.

Only handmade work can express the true organic beauty of the world of nature, and give your jewelry different finishes and colors, exactly what you see in the beautiful complexity of nature.

Because you deserve timeless objects that will save on your stories for many years to come, we choose quality and durable materials for all our designs, creating every single item in 925 Sterling silver and an unsurpassed 18 kt. gold-plated finish, which with the right care lasts a lifetime.

The handmade process starts with making the master model, a craft technique used by our first-class jewelers. Then we cast the metal using an ancient technique that goes back thousands of years. We cut the piece, polish it, and create the surfaces that carefully copy nature’s unique textures.

The next step is to choose a finish for the design that highlights each device and brings out the amazing shine. Finally, the jewelry is carefully cleaned and made ready to undergo a comprehensive quality control.


In short, we take care of all steps in the process, so that every piece of jewelery that reaches your hands meets the highest standards.

A.Brask - Vintergæk vedhæng - sølv og forgyldt


Our first priority is our commitment to you. So when we say that our jewelry is unique, it’s because it’s really true. We all create our designs in limited editions, each with only approx. 100 pieces of each design to allow you to own a very special work of art.

Inspirational designs from nature, handmade processes, quality materials and the promise of a limited number of units of each design. It is our recipe to guarantee you the most romantic, unique, durable and exclusive jewelry you have ever owned. We invite you to become part of our Exquisite Jewelry Universe by visiting our website!