When a piece of jewelry is more than just a piece of jewelry
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About A.Brask


Welcome to our universe of jewelry. In nature you will find countless mixtures of shapes, colors and textures - shaped through millions of years of evolution. At A. Brask, we are inspired by this and use gold, silver and precious stones to make beautiful handmade jewelry for our customers.

We make timeless jewelry in high quality and at an attractive price. We only use Sterling 925 silver and our gildings are in market-leading quality.

It is not everyday that you get a new piece of jewelery, so it is also very important to us that your shopping experience becomes a pleasure. All orders are therefore wrapped personally for you and sent in an exclusive gift box.

Enjoy the attention you will get πŸ™‚

Loving greetings,


Adelina Brask


What we design


Adjustable rings are the perfect solution whether you want to give the ring as a gift or want to buy it for yourself because they can adapt to all sizes. You no longer have to worry about whether the size will fit.


A pendant allows you to give your necklace a fresh breath, by combining several pendants with our fully adjustable 0-80 cm ball chains.


Our elegant and exciting earrings are a completely unique jewelry design. They frame your face in an elegant way and you will immediately attract many compliments.

“The jewelry is quickly delivered in inviting packaging and there is also super service and quick answers to questions.”

Nete Larsen

When a piece of jewelry is more than just a piece of jewelry
See all our jewelry
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