Sådan Mikser & Matcher du øreringe på den rigtige måde

Earrings play a big role in creating a beautiful and beautiful look. They can beautifully beautify your look or complement a particular outfit, and that’s why you need to remember rule number one: Earrings should always add balance and shape to your face. The way you put them has a big impact on how you look and what reactions it triggers. Especially when you mix & match different earrings, a fashion trend that is starting to get big! Although your style and preferences should always guide your choices – never ignore that! – then there are some things you can keep in mind to emphasize the best of you, and highlight your already beautiful natural features. Are you ready to figure out how to wear asymmetrical earrings that do not fit together? Keep reading because this guide is worth its weight in gold!

3 right ways you can mix & match earrings

Basically, there are three ways you can wear asymmetrical earrings that do not fit together, while avoiding looking as if you have accidentally put on two different earrings. Let’s look at each of these ways:

1. Wear earrings with correlated factor.

a. Theme: If you wear earrings that share a theme, you are sure that they complement each other. A great option, for example, is to match a leaf earring with an earring with a flower or fruit. Or try the same pattern, for example a particular flower, in different lengths (a stud and a drop of earring). In all these cases, both items share the same theme, which is “nature”. b. Colour: Uniformity in color also combines two different earrings, creating a harmonious pair. On the other hand, you can also choose complementary colors to achieve a subtle contrast.
c. Form: Form is another aspect you need to keep in mind. For example, if both items share geometric shapes, or if they have organic curved shapes that make them look alike, then you’ll probably have a successful match! d. Material: Last but not least, try with earrings made of the same material. Match silver earrings with other silver earrings. Or items with the same type of stone. The resemblance will create an elegant uniformity.

2. Mix Small Studs

The easiest way to start mixing and matching earrings is by trying stud stud earrings. Since they are small, it provides plenty of opportunities to experiment without revealing yourself too much. For example, you can combine two different colors in the same style, and match it with your outfit.

3. Wear a single long earring

You can achieve a beautiful modern look by wearing a long single earring on one side and putting your hair on the other side to balance the symmetry. It’s a bold style, but if done right, it can be really breathtaking.

Do's and Don'ts for wearing asymmetrical earrings

Still not sure you fully understand? There is no need to worry, let’s look at some explanatory examples to give you a better idea of how to master the art of mixing earrings.
  • Wear very long uneven earrings with very little asymmetry. It emphasizes your smile and your collarbone.
  • Wear small studs with the same (or almost the same) number of earrings in each ear. Because they are small and located above the cheekbone, they emphasize your eyes, creating a very romantic look.
  • Wear a statement earring with jewel and balance your look with your hair style.
  • Wear different statement earrings that are very asymmetrical. It looks unbalanced, which is not the most flattering choice.
  • Wear a very different number of earrings on each side. It creates imbalance and confusion as to whether to look left or right.
  • Wear a single statement earring, and arrange your hair to the same side. It adds additional weight to that side, creating an asymmetrical look.